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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Be a Man

Hi all

The following text from the pdf file, To Be a Man, (click to download, pdf file format, you need a pdf reader to read it), is a very good read whether you are new at this search to get out of the box/matrix or have been at it for a while. I recommend it as a must read for everyone as it puts things in perspective very nicely.

I love you

Not so long ago I, like most people in this world, believed that I had a name and that this name was my identity. I believed that money had intrinsic value and I believed that if I had enough of it I could positively affect the world. I believed that everyone ought to pay their taxes for the greater good. I believed that statute was law, and that those laws were there for the benefit of all. I believed that the health service would fix my ills, that the education system would impart knowledge, and that the police force would help me in my hour of need. I believed that war could be just, that climate change was real, and that there really was a free market economy. But most of all I believed that I was a free man.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Canada Movie

Our Bought and Sold Out Land

Clicking on the image will redirect you to another site to watch the movie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Freedom from Debt: New Reality Transmission

Freedom from Debt: New Reality Transmission: "On 11-11, 2010, one million people across the globe will mentally project a unified vision of a new paradigm for our species... a new realit..."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


BILL ABRAM part-1/3

Over the past 4 years, the Canadian people have paid $137.4 billion in interest on money borrowed from private banks whereas the Bank of Canada could legally print the public's money into existence rather than borrowing it at interest. "They've paid out this huge sum because our government has failed to abide by the law." Abram, a retired high school teacher and activist on Vancouver Island, B.C., explicates the trick of fractional reserve banking.

Part 1/3

CANADA'S GREAT EXPERIMENT: 1935-1974 part-2/3

For nearly 40 years, Canada - the people of Canada - had control of their own currency! Imagine! They founded their own bank and issued their own currency with no debt obligations to banks. Taxes were low and debt was too. They got themselves out of the depression that had been induced by the international banking cartel in 1929. By 1934, through the driving force of one man -- Gerald Grattan McGeer, Mayor of Vancouver, B.C. -- Canada founded the Bank of Canada and they were on their way to debt-free recovery.

Freedom From Debt new blogsite

Freedom from Debt

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Important up-date‏

Hi all

As you know we have given notice to the Crown in accordance with the rules.

We have covered in previous emails that until the rights of the parties is determined we do not really know where we stand. So the purpose of giving notice to the crown and the pending court action is to know exactly where we stand. Much action has been taken based on certain information but yet it has not yet been established for certain exactly where we stand in relation to the BC and legal name. We do not even know for sure that the government has the liability for the name yet much activity has revolved that it does.

It is crucial in my estimation that we KNOW where we stand for without solid footing we can fall at any moment.

Although the notice to the crown does not include you directly it does in that anyone who has a BC has an interest in the outcome; being the determination of the rights of the parties.

The parties are, the recipient of a BC, the crown and any and all parties (agencies, corporate, government, agents, etc.) having a claim against your BC legal name.

With that in mind I am drafting a letter in the form of a notice that may be shared with you all that you can send or give to any party having a claim against your BC legal name.

As I see it, anyone that has a BC has as much interest as we do in having the matter settled one way or another regarding 'the rights of the parties'. Who benefits who has the liability?

The document that you may provide to any claimant is basically in the form of a notice what we have done so far; notice to the crown with a few particulars about the situation and that they are welcome to partake in the proceedings.

The notice would contain an address to which a claimant may send notice of a desire to partake.

The way I see it, anyone that sends that notice to a claimant is giving notice of a situation that may cause the claimant to back off until the matter is decided.

Since we are laying the cards on the table and seeking a determination of the rights of the parties and an order to that effect (totally non-adversarial), it seems proper and in good faith to offer any claimant notice that it may partake.

Kind of like in a bankruptcy situation where creditors (claimants) are
given notice and have to partake if they want to prove or maintain a claim. The difference with what we are doing of course is a determination of the rights of the parties that one way or another the truth is known, who you are, that you are not a name, and which party benefits through the use of the BC and has the liability for the legal name.

Now this concerns people in Ontario, however, folks in other provinces/countries can benefit from what we are doing in Ontario because whatever the outcome is here would apply to the other provinces/countries. So we are clear though, whatever the conclusion is in Ontario is not an automatic conclusion in the other provinces or countries. In other words, you may receive the draft of the notice mentioned above that may be shared with everyone, but it cannot be used by folks in other provinces or countries because the Proceeding against the Crown is under Ontario legislation.

It may be that how the matter is settled in Ontario can spill over the
boarders to the other provinces and countries but I am not and cannot say for certain that is the case.

We are presently seeking a venue to hold a seminar and those who wish to partake, make use of the notice, will have to attend so that everyone knows what’s going on and the how’s and whys.

The more of us that partake the better and we witness for one another.

Now we do not know for certain which way the pendulum will swing, either we have the liability for the name or we do not, but once we know for certain we can then decide the next course of action.

For example, if we do not have the liability for the name then we enter heaven where there are no burdens, legal or financial. If we do have the liability we can secure our rights in the name from third party trespass; those who would benefit from use of our name/property and subsequently our energy.

We will get into those details at the seminar.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to partake so share this far and wide. Again, anyone wanting to use the notice MUST attend the seminar. The notice will be shared with you all sometime before the seminar and if you wish to use it you will have to let us know that you will be attending the seminar and you must attend or notice received, at the address we will provide on the notice, from a claimant(s) of a desire to partake will be refused.

Date and location etc for seminar to follow. The cost for entrance to the seminar will be somewhere between $50 and $100 to cover the cost of the venue and other.

Lastly, I do not know and cannot predict the future so I ask that everyone keep that in mind.

I love you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another confirmation‏


I received confirmation today that yet another debt accounted under BVR has been settled via the fiduciary text.

The debt was being collected by a county for provincial offences and for over $15,000.00

I love you

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canadian Creditors in Commerce call, June 29, 2010

Here is the posting of the call by Mark Kerr, host of Canadian Creditors in Commerce, in which Vic participated on June 29, 2010.

The call can be downloaded in mp3 from:

Vic Beck on Canadian Creditors in Commerce internet talk show (right-click and save as..)

or go to  Canadian Creditors in Commerce web site and listen or download episode 27

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hi all

So there be no confusion this is the text of the draft mentioned in the email titled Fiduciary...

Property as per S. 2 of the Criminal Code of Canada; real and personal property of every description and deeds and instruments relating to or evidencing title to or right to property, or giving a right to recover or receive money or goods.

Pursuant to section 322 of the same code the Courts have stated that property is 'anything'.

A name is property as is our labour.

Law Dictionary 4th Ed, "fiduciary"; A person having a legal duty, created by his undertaking, to act primarily for the benefit of another in matters connected with his undertaking; in the nature of a position of trust or holding confidence. For example, a trustee has a fiduciary obligation to the beneficiary of a trust and acts as a fiduciary in his management of the trust property. An attorney has a fiduciary relationship with his client, etc.

The name associated with the debt is, in absence of evidence to the contrary, derived of the original of the copy of the instrument attached.

I am not and did not consent to be a party to the undertaking, nor do I have actual or constructive possession of the original instrument, nor am I the fiduciary.

Settle up with the claimant.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conference call - June 15th, 2010

Conference Call June 15th, 2010
Just get rid of the fear.


To listen press the play button
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length: 02:35:27

or click here (right-click and save as..) to download and save the file to your computer

Freely given, freely received, copy and share freely - No right to reserve what belongs to All - 2010.

Love is the cure
Love is the drug
Love is GRAND
Love is LOVE

Monday, May 17, 2010

Conference call - May 13th, 2010

Conference Call May 13th, 2010
Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?


To listen press the play button
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length: 01:45:26

or click here (right-click and save as..) to download and save the file to your computer

Freely given, freely received, copy and share freely - No right to reserve what belongs to All - 2010.

Love is the cure
Love is the drug
Love is GRAND
Love is LOVE

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Conference Call from April 8, 2010
Settlor/beneficiary: entitled to be recognized by...


To listen press the play button
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length: 01:12:05

or click here (right-click and save as..) to download and save the file to your computer

Freely given, freely received, copy and share freely - No right to reserve what belongs to All - 2010.

Love is the cure
Love is the drug
Love is GRAND
Love is LOVE

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar. 31, 2010….Notice

Hi all

As you know, back in either November or December of 2009 we asked for some financial support in the way of donations so the information can continue to flow.

We received somewhere between $1500.00 and $1800.00 which is long gone and if I have to keep continue asking every 4 months generates a grand total of $7200.00 max. Donations of the last 2 seminars totaled about $2000.00 (thanx to one gal who gave $1000.00, thank you again) and so I have no shame in saying that as of April 9, 2010 the information will cease to flow from here; bb@trytel.net will be cut off.

I am not doing this like this anymore and I am not asking for donations here because living off less than $7,200.00 just ain't cutting it.

So this is not a request for donations and do not send any money because the tid bits are a tease that do not cover much of the costs of sharing information freely nor leave any for me to enjoy life beyond sitting here sharing my thoughts and findings with you..............

I am not pleased about this but you can see by the math that one cannot in this day and age eat let alone maintain services to provide free information services.............

There are lots of teachers out there, PT, Winston and others, who charge for information and who receive thousands of dollars per seminar and for services who can provide you with information although in a different direction than the path I am on.

Those who joined the Giver program will either get their money back when it is available or be advised of the remedy.

The information sent these last few days is the ticket and you can figure out from there what to do.

I am sorry that it comes down to ending this way but I ask for help and receive peanuts and I have no more assets to sell to cover for this free information service.

I will share my closing comments before going off line......................

With love