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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar. 31, 2010….Notice

Hi all

As you know, back in either November or December of 2009 we asked for some financial support in the way of donations so the information can continue to flow.

We received somewhere between $1500.00 and $1800.00 which is long gone and if I have to keep continue asking every 4 months generates a grand total of $7200.00 max. Donations of the last 2 seminars totaled about $2000.00 (thanx to one gal who gave $1000.00, thank you again) and so I have no shame in saying that as of April 9, 2010 the information will cease to flow from here; bb@trytel.net will be cut off.

I am not doing this like this anymore and I am not asking for donations here because living off less than $7,200.00 just ain't cutting it.

So this is not a request for donations and do not send any money because the tid bits are a tease that do not cover much of the costs of sharing information freely nor leave any for me to enjoy life beyond sitting here sharing my thoughts and findings with you..............

I am not pleased about this but you can see by the math that one cannot in this day and age eat let alone maintain services to provide free information services.............

There are lots of teachers out there, PT, Winston and others, who charge for information and who receive thousands of dollars per seminar and for services who can provide you with information although in a different direction than the path I am on.

Those who joined the Giver program will either get their money back when it is available or be advised of the remedy.

The information sent these last few days is the ticket and you can figure out from there what to do.

I am sorry that it comes down to ending this way but I ask for help and receive peanuts and I have no more assets to sell to cover for this free information service.

I will share my closing comments before going off line......................

With love